Leadership Development


Learn the art of leadership and how to create an adaptive and high-performing culture.


Our science-backed programs provide the tools to build confidence
in an individual’s capacity to execute your organization’s
collective mission, vision, and goals.

Empower Your Team Members to Become the Conscious Leaders the World Needs Today!

We support leaders and companies to empower and retain top talent, inspire teams to greater performance, improve corporate culture, and increase desired results.

Our Mission is to Inspire Individuals to Lead with Compassion, Integrity, Authenticity and Clarity.

Ready to transform your business?

  • Are you looking for a meaningful way to engage with your team and create a healthy company culture?
  • Do you want to strengthen your team, improve productivity, and unblock obstacles that are holding your organization back?
  • Are your team, business leaders, and executives equipped with the tools they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage work-life balance? 
  • Is your organization ready to create the conscious change and impact the world is craving to see?

Who is the Leadership Development Workshop for?

  • Business Leaders
  • Executives
  • Corporate Groups
  • Business Teams
  • Small Businesses
    & their Owners

Join the thousands of people around the world whose personal and professional lives have been transformed by Ryzio methods and practices.


Team building is the most important investment you can make. When you invest and help your peers and employees build personal resilience, safety, and trust as a team and as individuals, you can position thought-centered and conscious leaders at all levels of your organization and at the forefront of today’s world.

Learn new leadership skills
in a safe environment:

  • Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution

The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.

– Phil Jackson, Professional Athlete, Author, Coach

We work with leaders and organizations to strengthen and nurture deep connections between peers and colleagues.

Our methods help break down barriers individually and within teams in order to build self-confidence, trust, and safety. Your team will discover not only their own strengths and abilities but also those of their colleagues.

Leaders are needed at every level of your organization.

Ryzio Institute’s live 3-Hour online leadership workshop is a customized team experience that is led by psychotherapists Dr. Marti Glenn and Ken Bruer, and their team of certified coaches.

Through cutting-edge research and experience using science-based methods, Ryzio helps organizations focus on igniting their full potential, allowing them to discover their true authenticity to reach peak performances.

Our Corporate team participated in Ryzio’s 3-Hour Leadership Development Experience. Many of us were new and it really expedited the intimacy, vulnerability, and authenticity between us. This was an incredibly unique work – and life – experience. I’ve previously worked with companies that have done team building to connect and engage employees on a deeper level, but no other came close to what Ryzio gifted us. We were able to transcend the masks we tend to wear at work and truly engage on a human level. One where I was able to clearly see my co-workers as the beautifully complex, multifaceted beings that they are, and where I felt seen, heard, and valued in a compassionate environment.

– EJ, Operations Manager, 5D World Investment Firm – 5dworld.com

Empower Greater Performance and Ignite Change

Our science-backed methods have developed effective and compassionate leaders who lead with integrity. Our process takes people through experiences of deeper human connection, vulnerability, and safety in order to release the stories that hold them back so they can create space for creativity and productivity.

Conscious leaders operate from their heart, lead with transparency,
and are committed to their own growth to expand their self-awareness
and ability to serve


The Ryzio Experience

Connection is key to building strong teams. By understanding the power of connection and learning science-based tools that help calm the nervous system and reprogram unconscious patterns, leaders can connect more fully with their authentic selves, reach a place of clarity, and create balance.

Our Breakthrough Methods Teach Leaders To:

  • Achieve more effective communication
  • Foster innovation and drive transformation
  • Manage stress
  • Stay positive, calm, and connected
  • Get more satisfaction out of work
  • Prevent burnouts
  • Manage family and personal relationships
  • Become team players
  • Increase self-confidence, engagement, and creativity

Schedule your virtual 3-Hour Team Experience Today!

Our Approach

Ryzio Institute’s principles and practices are based on years
of leading-edge, current research on these topics:

  • Attachment Theory
  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Neuroscience
  • Mindfulness
  • Somatic Psychology
  • Pre- and Perinatal Psychology
  • Epigenetics
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Attachment
  • Trauma

What Your Team Will Learn in 3 Hours:

  • How to stimulate brain functions that aid in self-awareness, emotional regulation, attention, and planning.
  • Mindfulness tools to become more present.
  • How their earliest experiences shape the way they see the world, and how they can change the brain and the trajectory of their DNA.
  • How to grow their social engagement system. 
  • Tools for increasing resilience.
  • Science-based methods that increase presence, productivity, and creativity.

Benefits of This 3-Hour Virtual Workshop:

Your team will leave feeling empowered to achieve higher performance, boosting morale and results. Methods assure leaders stay fully engaged and constantly thriving. Our workshops have been successful in helping organizations:

  • Define goals and develop leadership roles
  • Help prevent employee burnout
  • Encourage individuals to step into their personal power
  • Create meaningful connections on an intimate level with their colleagues

Gain the tools and practices to support
your ongoing growth as a conscious leader.

$1500 for up to 12 people. Each additional person is $75.


Co-Founders Marti Glenn PhD and Ken Bruer are psychotherapists who have been teaching, coaching, and leading deep immersive experiences for over 30 years. Pioneers in the applications of somatic psychology, prenatal and perinatal psychology, neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, epigenetics, and mindfulness, their wisdom as teachers and therapists have helped thousands of people discover the life they always dreamed of.

Marti Glenn PhD An award-winning and pioneering educator and psychotherapist, Dr. Marti emphasizes the integration of the latest research in neuroscience, behavioral epigenetics and Polyvagal Theory with mindfulness, attachment, early development, and trauma. She was the founding President of the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, known for its Master’s and Doctoral degrees in somatic psychology, prenatal and perinatal psychology and clinical psychology, and is the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Ryzio Institute.

Ken Bruer An accomplished poet and psychotherapist who has facilitated professional trainings and personal growth workshops around the world, Ken integrates his extensive experience in mindfulness, somatic psychology, Gestalt Therapy, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy to help individuals transform their lives. He was the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, known for its graduate degrees in somatic psychology, prenatal and perinatal psychology and clinical psychology, and is Co-Founder and CEO of Ryzio Institute.


How is the 3-Hour Ignite With Love Program offered?

It is live, online via Zoom for three hours with a mid-session break.

How many participants can attend?

Each workshop can have up to 45 people.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, please contact us to discuss the details.

When is the next workshop?

The 3-Hour Leadership Development Workshops are private groups,
scheduled at your convenience.

If you have additional questions or would like to explore setting up a session for your group, please Contact Us.

Our next EMBODIED CREATIVITY Program Starts May 7, 2024
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