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Achieve long-lasting transformation and create an impactful legacy

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Are you ready for real inner transformation and sustained change in your life?

Join the thousands of CEOs and global leaders who are using the science-based Ryzio methodology to create profound impact and build an inspiring legacy from the inside out. Enrollment is open! We begin July 19, 2022!

Working with Ken and Dr. Marti has been some of the most transformational work of my life. Before meeting them, I was not aware of how much wisdom is stored in my body. They not only helped me to learn the process to unveil that wisdom but also provided invaluable guidance on how I can do that for others. Whether you are a health professional or a person who simply wants to better themselves, I highly recommend checking out the Ryzio program!

– Jesse Hanson, Ph.D. Psychologist and Trauma Psychotherapist

The Ryzio Mission:

Your healing, transformation, and ability to experience and express love on a deep and profound level is our greatest priority.
We support you and provide the tools you need to truly live your full potential.

  • As a leader in this world, we know that you are constantly seeking ways to unblock what’s standing in the way of you living your legacy and your life’s full potential.
  • Because you value integrity and impact you want nothing more than to get off of the hamster wheel of transformation to fully embody integrated and empowered leadership.
  • We understand it can be challenging to live your full potential without deep and profound shifts from within that create long-lasting change.

That’s why at Ryzio it’s our mission to provide deep, sustainable, and impactful inner transformation for the leaders in this world so that you can finally accomplish new levels of success, lead with love, and fulfill your purpose on this planet. (In only 6 months!)

Like you, millions of people around the globe access the same information, yet how many have become leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs,
Richard Branson, or Oprah? 
We all have the potential and opportunity to be great, impactful leaders. 

Great leadership starts by working on yourself.

My Ryzio experience allowed me to balance my intellectual thinking with a heartfelt understanding of how I can be the best boss, dad, husband, friend and lover. I can now say, “I’m doing what really matters. To love myself and others deeply and be of service.” That’s true transformation!

P.H. – CEO, San Louis Obispo, CA

Ryzio provided me with the opportunity to have a much deeper relationship with myself that would have taken me years in traditional therapy or coaching to accomplish

M.T. – Executive Coach, Tucson, AZ

This is for the leaders of the world who:

  • Have tried many “proven” methodologies or transformational tools with limited success and no lasting sustained change.
  • Are high functioning but on the fast track to burnout. 
  • Want a scientifically-backed approach to beat burnout, break patterns, change their brain, and unlock the next level of leadership. 
  • Understand that 80% of their success as a leader is in direct correspondence with the ability to self-lead and govern their own inner world.
  • Want to have a renewed sense of self-confidence and resiliency to be able to thrive and lead in any environment without succumbing to the pressures of stress, anxiety, or overwhelm.
  • Are ready for greater success and fulfilment.
  • Have the desire to be in control of their own transformation and understand on a deep fundamental level how to recognize and clear their blocks.

Who Has Taken Ryzio’s Programs?

Join the thousands of people around the world whose personal and professional lives have been transformed by Ryzio methods and practices.

  • Executives
  • Entertainers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Counselors
  • Psychologists
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Educators
  • Professional Athletes
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Parents
  • Leaders

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Introducing The Ryzio Institute
of Embodied Leadership

This is the secret that has helped many of the world’s top CEOs and executives create sustained transformation and embody leadership for greater fulfillment. 

The RYZIO integrative immersion is a 6-month experience to completely shift and transform your life from the inside out so you can not only live your legacy but also enjoy a meaningful life.

Ryzio is The Science of Sustained Change

Imagine the power of using the MOST scientifically proven methods for sustained change in the world and then curating them into one of the deepest transformational tools the world has ever seen… this is the very essence of RYZIO.

Why you haven’t gotten
sustained results in the past:

You know your potential and have tried everything and still have not gotten lasting change, it’s not your fault…

You are inspired and motivated but you just didn’t have access to these transformational tools for complete and integrated change.

Ryzio is the Thoughtful Fusion of Some of
The World’s Most Profound Transformational Tools

Maybe you’ve heard of Polyvagal Theory, Epigenetics, and the advancement in neuroscience that CEOs,  doctors, and leaders of all kinds worldwide are using for deep and profound transformation.


Research tells us we can change the brain and grow the nervous system through experiences of connection and safety. Ryzio’s processes rely on powerful experiences to move beyond early programming and grow new neural pathways to create a new reality and live the life you longed for.

Polyvagal Theory
& Vagal Nurturing

Ryzio’s methods focus on nurturing and growing the vagus nerve, the longest cranial nerve in the body. We teach you how to understand and increase your vagal tone, regulate and grow your nervous system so you can increase resilience,  naturally experience greater calm, more love, and meaningful connections.


Epigenetics research tells us that it is not our DNA that controls our destiny. Rather it is our experiences that determine the expression of our genes. Having positive experiences and feeling safe in the presence of someone who cares can begin to change the expression of our DNA, allowing us to step into our true potential.

Maybe you’ve tried all of these things individually and seen some results… but have you ever tried them all together…!?

That’s the brilliance of the work we do here at RYZIO! Our methodologies take the core foundational principles from each of these proven methods and incorporate them with elements from: 

  • Pre and Perinatal Psychology
  • Somatic Psychology
  • Mindfulness
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Attachment
  • Trauma

Research in Polyvagal Theory, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, and Psychology all acknowledge that our earliest experiences form not only our personalities and the programming that drives our thinking and behavior, but that they determine the structure and function of the brain, our nervous system, and how our DNA manifests.
These early experiences lay the foundation for our mental
and physical health.

It’s never too late to change your past!
It is possible to rebuild these foundations at any time.

The Embodied Leader Framework

A complete experience involves the whole brain, body, and being. Changing your thinking can help, but it is the complete experience that shifts the brain, grows the nervous system, and creates transformational, long-lasting change.

We all need 3 basic things to feel healthy and thrive:

1. The Experience Of Safety On Every Level

Experiencing safety helps your nervous system slow down and release hormones that counteract stress. These also allow you to feel safe enough to have deeper connections and thrive. Creating safety helps create new neural connections, and changes your epigenetics.

2. Experience Your Authentic Power & Gifts

Science has proven that in order to create change, we must personally experience our authentic power and gifts. These experiences must be reinforced and supported over time.

3. Being Witnessed, Seen, & Heard

Having a genuine connection with and being truly listened to and seen by others who care creates an experience that reinforces change.

One-On-One Mentoring vs Group Work:

Many individuals feel the lack of support in their life, which is why the group component of the 6-Month experience is essential. It’s also what makes it so unique. It’s been shown that intensive group work is more powerful and takes people further, faster than individual one-on-one sessions. Healing with others helps you:

  • Feel safe and supported
  • See things from another perspective
  • Establish trust

One of the surprises that has shaken the very foundations of neuroscience is the discovery that the brain is actually “plastic,” or moldable. This means that the brain physically changes throughout the course of our lives, not just in childhood, as we had previously assumed. What molds our brain? Experience. Even into old age, our experiences actually change the physical structure of the brain.

– Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, NY Times Best Seller, award-winning educator,
clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine.

After going through the RYZIO process,
our clients have gone on to:

  • Find their true purpose
  • Start their dream business 
  • Reach 7 figure incomes while maintaining a happy balance in life 
  • Establish healthy boundaries resulting in healthy thriving relationships personally
    and professionally
  • Find themselves arriving at the career destination they had been envisioning
    for decades
  • Discover true love in their lives and create the family they always wanted
  • Find courage to excel beyond their wildest dreams

The 6-Month Embodied Leadership Experience

Ryzio’s online programs are unique experiences that are not available anywhere else! Our methods and practices are based on leading-edge current research and all our methodologies are backed by science.

Over the course of our 6 months together you will:

  • Release old programs, including unconscious beliefs, fears, and behaviors that no longer serve you
  • Experience what it takes to love yourself more deeply
  • Use the tools that allow you to slow down, become more present, reduce stress, and increase productivity and creativity
  • Strengthen and grow your nervous system
  • Discover what you really want and learn to hold healthy boundaries
  • Increase your self-confidence and ability to create and sustain meaningful relationships
  • Explore the science behind creating deeper connections and resilience
  • Live your full potential and lead others in the expression of their gifts

Breakdown of The 6 Months

Within a group of trusted peers, you receive 6 months of therapeutic processes, personal one-on-one coaching with a qualified Ryzio mentor, and self-guided resources.

Guided by the experience and wisdom of Dr. Marti Glenn and Ken Bruer, along with the Ryzio team of certified coaches, your 6-Month Online Experience includes:

  • 12 hours of personal coaching
  • Three intensive weekends
  • 11 lesson modules, videos, workbooks, daily mindfulness practices, poetry readings, simple tools, and practical resources
  • Bi-weekly live Zoom meetings with your group
  • Ongoing connection with your group

This is a group experience that ignites significant change.

With Co-founder Dr. Marti Glenn to save your spot and see if this is right for you

Next Session To Be Announced!

Payment plans are available.
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About The Co-Founders

Psychotherapists Marti Glenn PhD and Ken Bruer have been teaching, coaching, and leading deep immersive experiences for over 30 years. Pioneers in the applications of prenatal and perinatal psychology, somatic psychology, neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, epigenetics, and mindfulness, their wisdom as teachers and therapists have helped thousands of people discover the life they always dreamed of.

Dr. Marti Glenn An award-winning and pioneering educator and psychotherapist, Dr. Marti emphasizes the integration of the latest research in neuroscience, behavioral epigenetics, and Polyvagal Theory with mindfulness, attachment, early development, and trauma. She was the founding President of the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, known for its Master’s and Doctoral degrees in somatic psychology, prenatal and perinatal psychology and clinical psychology, and is the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Ryzio Institute

She is also a highly sought-after speaker and presenter at conferences and workshops around the world.

Ken Bruer An accomplished poet and psychotherapist who has facilitated professional trainings and personal growth workshops around the world, Ken integrates his extensive experience in mindfulness, somatic psychology, Gestalt Therapy, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy to help individuals transform their lives. He was the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, known for its graduate degrees in somatic psychology, prenatal and perinatal psychology, and clinical psychology, and is Co-Founder and CEO of Ryzio Institute.

What Other Clients Have Said About
Working With Ryzio

My life now has more purpose, meaning, and direction. Work has improved—qualitatively (my relationships) and quantitatively (increased bottom line). Ryzio is mind-opening and mind-blowing; one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever done; sharing experiences with others was inspiring. Loved it, thank you. You’ve changed my life and I continue to feel the benefits many months later.

G. W. – CEO, Entrepreneur, Singapore

Before I committed to doing the Ryzio Experience, I talked to my uncle. I told him about all the programs I’ve done in the past without significant long-term results. I also expressed my concerns that I would go through Ryzio and, in the end, I’d be the same person I am now. The thing is, it’s true-ish. I am exactly the same deep, powerful, sensitive, fun-loving and beautiful man I always was… only now I really KNOW it! Now I have a new awareness and an amazing community of ongoing support. I am grateful every day to all of you at Ryzio.

P.B. – Bank Executive, Washington DC

My Life is a testimony to the effectiveness of my Ryzio experience. Since the program, I married my sweetheart, bought a home with panoramic views of the Bay, and have stepped up my work. The support I feel now, both personally and professionally, is beyond what I could have imagined. With so much love and gratitude to you all.

S.T. – Business Professor

The best investment I could have made in my one and only life. I’ve reclaimed myself and acquired the tools I need to tackle life’s challenges and reach my potential.

J. A. – Entrepreneur, Toronto

Ryzio is an experience that is difficult to describe but exceeded all my expectations. Lives transformed, indeed. Every aspect was well considered and perfectly executed. A professional and heartfelt experience. This experience has changed my life!

P. H. – CEO, Entrepreneur,
San Luis Obispo, CA

The things I experienced about myself and the tools I learned at Ryzio, I’m still practicing and bringing into my work a year later. My wife especially notices the difference. She says our love is much sweeter and continues to grow, thanks to your amazing guidance.

M.R. – Actor, British Columbia


What do I need to do to prepare?

Nothing! The course schedule and materials will be available upon enrollment. Be ready to participate in your group and make connections.

Is it appropriate for my partner and I to both participate?

Yes, you will have time together and time to do individual exploration in separate groups.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, please contact us to discuss details.

Do I need to participate in the 3-Day Activate Your Potential experience before the 6-Month Embodied Leadership?

No, you may enroll in our 6-Month Experience without doing any prior work with Ryzio. We would be glad to discuss your situation with you to assist you in deciding which program is best for you. Call (877) 642-5656 to schedule a FREE consultation.

If you do take the 3-Day Experience, your tuition for 3-Day weekend can be used as a credit toward the 6-Month Experience.

How much time is this going to take out of my week?

Lesson modules take 1-2 hours each; these are available bi-weekly.
Bi-weekly group meetings are 1.5 hours each.
Bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions last 45 minutes – 1 hour.
Two weekend meetings are approximately 15 hours each.
There are occasional weeks without any new material or meetings.

Please contact us for a detailed schedule of all group meetings.

Are any of the classes pre-recorded and I can visit at my own time?

The 11 lesson modules are available to visit on your own time. These include videos, workbooks, daily mindfulness practices, poetry readings, simple tools and practical resources.

The group meetings (two weekends and 11 evenings) are scheduled and attendance is very important to your success. For privacy reasons, these sessions are not recorded.

One-on-one coaching sessions are also key to your success. These meetings are scheduled between you and your personal coach.

Still have questions?

Schedule a free consultation

If you didn’t see a time on the calendar that worked for you to book a call, or if you’re ready to reserve your spot now, please contact us.