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Natasha’s Testimonial

Social Worker & Psychotherapist

Ryzio was able to provide Natasha with a pathway, processes, and experiences that helped her unlock her lifelong experiences of anger, frustration, and anxiousness, freeing her to fully enjoy her family and life.


Ryzio’s Transformational Program

If you’re looking to take a full-bodied leap forward in your life, this is the place to start. Over 3 months, you’ll be guided by our world-class coaching team to move beyond the limiting stories you tell about yourself, reconnect to the powerful (authentic) voice within, and embody the life you choose to create!

The Science of Transformation

Through EMBODY you will move beyond barriers that limit your well-being and step into a more fully alive version of YOU. Using methods founded in the leading research on transformation, we draw from neuroscience, polyvagal theory, somatic therapies, and mindfulness, to deliver a holistic, experiential program that actually works



You crave purpose and the passion that was once ignited. You’re at the point where you know things need to shift to bring you into alignment. You want to feel a connection to yourself and loved ones. The old ways of doing things are no longer working.


Envisioned and designed over decades of scientific research, 1-on-1 clinical work, and extensive group work, the Ryzio principles are a proven and multi-faceted approach to transforming lives.

– Jesse Hanson, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Trauma Psychotherapist

Working with Ken and Dr. Marti has been some of the most transformational work of my life. Before meeting them, I was not aware of how much wisdom is stored in my body. They not only helped me to learn the process to unveil that wisdom but also provided invaluable guidance on how I can do that for others. Whether you are a health professional or a person who simply wants to better themselves, I highly recommend checking out the Ryzio program!

Why is embodiment so important?

Our society is in the midst of a mental health crisis. With more options to ‘connect’ than ever before, we find ourselves increasingly isolated from others, life and our sense of self. To deal with the overwhelm or loss of belonging, many of us disconnect, numb or use unhealthy coping methods to get by. This has a HUGE impact on our ability to live with love and have the life we want.

When we’re embodied we are really “here”. With presence, we can form healthy connections, make powerful decisions for ourselves, live beyond our wounds and bring forward our unique gifts.

Pillars of EMBODY

Lots of people have tried ‘everything’. They’ve read all the books, taken the weekend workshops, and still haven’t made the changes they are looking for. EMBODY goes way beyond talk therapy, employing modalities that truly support you to get the results you want:


We need more than our thoughts to create change. Somatic modalities recognize the important mind/body connection.


By bringing in the witnessing of caring others we can bring the pain to light and step into the truth of who we are.


Be with other, real-life seekers on the path just like you. Together we’ll support each other to grow, heal and rise.

30 years of building this method based on:

That’s the brilliance of the work we do here at RYZIO! Our methods have taken the core foundational principles from each of these proven methods (Somatic, Relational, Group/Community Work) and incorporated them with elements from: 

  • Pre and Perinatal Psychology
  • Somatic Psychology
  • Mindfulness
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Attachment
  • Trauma


It’s important to us that people who sign up for EMBODY are ready for this level of personal transformation. If you’re wondering if this is the right fit, book a call with one of our coaches to find out more.

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The Ryzio EMBODY Team

Our team is made up of highly skilled, somatic practitioners who come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, passions, and life stages.

What unites them is an ability to show up in the world with presence, authenticity, and an open heart. Ryzio coaches show dedication to each person they work with, and will love, challenge and encourage participants every step of the way.

What People Experienced…

My Ryzio experience allowed me to balance my intellectual thinking with a heartfelt understanding of how I can be the best boss, dad, husband, friend, and lover. I can now say, “I’m doing what really matters. To love myself and others deeply and be of service.” That’s true transformation!

P.H. – CEO, San Louis Obispo, CA

Ryzio provided me with the opportunity to have a much deeper relationship with myself that would have taken me years in traditional therapy or coaching to accomplish

M.T. – Executive Coach, Tucson, AZ

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